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Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy Fans Testimonials

" I saw these caramels on a food show a few years ago and have been getting them ever since. They are the best ever! I try other salted caramels when ever I find them but nothing even comes close to these. AWESOME, can't live without these caramels! Carol S., San Diego

"BOY!  Do I ever LOVE your maple honey caramels!!!" Barb, Seattle, WA


"The smell when I first opened the box was heavenly. A buttery maple smell wafted out and that is the reason I hunted you down half way round the world!!!", HW, Tasmania, Australia

"Wonderful! I just placed the order! Can’t wait for them to arrive! Hahaha! These are seriously the best caramels ever!" L.C. New York, NY

"I Looooooooove Sweet Revolution!!!", MF, New York, NY

"I gave one to a friend, his words: 'This is what caramels are suppose to taste like, I agree!', SJ, New York, NY

"… the caramels are amazing. I must have more – I’m obsessed with the salt, the box, the paper, the string, the wax. Obsessed I tell you".. S. San Francisco, CA

"We are all heavily in love with your caramels. Seriously. They are fantastically delicious, the packaging is glorious…" T.W. San Francisco, CA

"Greetings from a new devotee of your maple-honey caramels. A friend gave me a little box of them and they are the best". M.F., Kelseyville, CA

"I discovered your FAbUlous caramels at BiRite last week!!! Thank you for making them (my friends all thank you too!)," K.C. San Francisco, CA

"I came upon your caramels at Rainbow Grocery – they are absolutely out of this world! … It was a welcome sight to find a candy made of all natural, local, and organic ingredients… Regardless, your caramels are fantastic, and I’ve been telling everyone I know.", D.N. San Francisco, CA

"Hey my co-workers love your candy. I had one guy state that “It felt like something just happened”. He got a feeling of satisfaction. It was really cool." C.R., Annapolis, MD C.R., Annapolis, MD

"I LOVE your caramels!" R.G. Los Angeles, CA

"My daughter and I were in SF this weekend and we gobbled up a box of your OUTSTANDING caramels… I am already sad that I didn’t bring a box home with me. Thank you for making such a delicious treat. They are terrific for many reasons!" M.F. Dallas, TX

"…. I bit off a little piece and something incomparably wonderful happened in my mouth! First a velvety stream of butter deliciously melted away from the caramel. Then as I ate the rest, sometimes I’d bite into a tiny grain of salt which was an unexpected pleasant taste surprise. I’ve gotta have these! … Good luck with marketing these wonderful caramels which you have wisely decided to share with the rest of the world." D.M. San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful product, I consider myself an expert on caramels, and yours are absolutely the best!! M.F. Santa Barbara", CA M.F. Santa Barbara, CA

"Thought you’d like to know that one of the groups that won a box of your caramels immediately opened the box and chowed down on them, and exclaimed in very loud voices “OH MY GOD! THESE ARE THE BEST CARAMELS, EVER!” B.C. San Francisco, CA B.C. San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much for the lovely package. They were devoured immediately". K.H. Marshall, CA

" Maple Honey Caramel. Maple Honey Caramel. Maple Honey Caramel. Do I sound obsessed? With good reason. You'll never regret buying a box of these little sweethearts and getting hooked... Simple, basic and absolutely wonderful. Just try to stop." Rachel H., Seattle, WA

"I recently received a box of your caramels as a birthday gift and I to tell you, they are gorgeous!!" S.K. San Francisco, CA

"My husband brings them home to me in Massachusetts when he goes to CA on business. I am looking at my last piece. I can’t bear it. This is the best candy in the whole wide world. How do I get more??? Desperate in Massachusetts"

Sweet Revolution Caramels... One word AMAZING!  CIBO? Sausalito, CA