Organic Caramel Candy and Caramel Sauce Frequently asked questions

FAQ Sweet Revolution Certified Organic Caramels

Q: Where are Sweet Revolution Certified Organic Caramels made? 
 A: Sweet Revolution Organic Caramels and Caramel Sauce are made and distributed by Brookfield Maple Products located at 111 Plank Road, Westfield, Pennsylvania 16950. Tel 814-367-5284.   Brookfield Maple Products is afamily owned farm business, registered, licensed, and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and is Certified Organic through NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC. For further information please contact:
Q: Are all of your caramels handmade?
 A: Yes. All of our gourmet organic caramel candy and caramel sauce are hand-made, slow cooked in small batches. Our caramel candy is hand-cut and hand-decorated, and hand-wrapped and packaged in the candy kitchen, ensuring the freshest products possible. 
Q: Are your products all-natural?
 A: Yes, not only are they natural, all our caramel candy (and caramel sauce) are made with certified organic ingredients.
In addition to using certified organic maple syrup, honey and cream, we make our own butter, our vanilla flavoring from whole beans.
The almonds we use for our Toasted Almond Maple Honey Caramels are certified organic as is the olive oil we use for toasting our almonds.
We use completely natural and unrefined grey sea salt from the prestigious salt ponds of Guérande, France. These salts are harvested using traditional Celtic methods. The beautiful grey color comes from the clay lined salt ponds that the seawater is evaporated in. The exceptional French clay in these ponds adds valuable minerals and nutrients that add to both the nutritional value and flavor of these fine salts.
Q. Does Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel contain corn syrup and cane sugar?
 A: The concept of Sweet Revolution is to make gourmet organic caramel candies and sweets that are natural. No cane sugar, corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners are used in making our organic Caramel Candy and caramel sauce. Sweet Revolution Caramel is naturally sweet because it is made from maple syrup and honey.  The exception to this rule is our seasonal LOVE CARAMELS which are topped with a Chocolate Heart made from 74% Dark Premium Dagoba Certified Organic Dark Chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin).
Q: What allergen risks do your products pose?
 A:  All known allergens are stamped clearly on each caramel package. All of our caramel contain milk - dairy (in the form of cream and butter).  Only the caramel candies that are specified “with nuts”: Toasted Almond Maple Honey Caramels have Tree Nuts listed as the allergen (along with Milk).
Q: What if I have a nut allergy?
 A: Sweet Revolution caramels containing nuts are clearly marked. Nuts are used only as a topping and are kept in a separate and distinct area from the non-nut caramels.

Q: How long will Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candy and Caramel Sauce last?

 A:  This is usually not a problem or even a question that is raised because Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candy and Caramel Sauce are so delicious that they get eaten up quickly, though we do have a number of customers who buy in quantities so as to never be out!
For optimum flavour and texture of Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candies, they should be consumed within 12 weeks (3 months) of manufacture date. After 12 weeks the caramel candy will start to crystalize. For Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Sauce it is at least 5 months. The enjoy-by date is stamped on each Sweet Revolution box, jar, and bag.
Q: How should I care for my Sweet Revolution caramel candy and caramel sauce?
 A: Because we make Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel from the finest natural ingredients and use absolutely no preservatives, our caramel should not be kept in room temperature above 68° F. It is best to keep the caramel candies in ambient moderate room temperature, away from sources of heat, high humidity and direct sunlight. Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy's shelf life is 12 weeks when kept in a cool and dry place (55 to 68 F and low humidity level) in their original cellophane bag.
Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Sauce can be refrigerated after opening and has a shelf life of 5 months.
Q. Can I refrigerate/freeze Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candy?
 A:  To enjoy Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candy at their optimum flavour and texture we do not suggest refrigerating your Sweet Revolution Caramels as the environment in most refrigerators is too humid. If you have a wine cellar or wine cooling system, the caramels would benefit from the low temperature and low humidity.
Q:  Are Sweet Revolution Organic Caramel Candies hard?
 A: Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy is hard only when they are cold. Bring them to room temperature to enjoy their soft and chewy texture and their rich complex flavour. You can also warm them up by holding a wrapped caramel in your closed fist for 30 seconds.
Q: Are Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy and Caramel Sauce available all year round?
 A: Yes, Sweet Revolution Classic Caramels, Toasted Almond Caramels, and Caramel Sauce are available for your enjoyment all year round.
Sweet Revolution makes special seasonal, holiday and festive Caramels throughout the year:  the Love Caramel for Valentine’s Day (available from January to Feb 14) these are also available special order for weddings all year round.
During holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, we experience a high level of demand. We recommend placing your orders well in advance (at least 2 weeks prior to delivery date).
Q: How can I purchase Sweet Revolution Caramels? Can I purchase quantities of Caramels at a discount?

 A: You may purchase Sweet Revolution Organic Caramels online in our “SHOP" and securely, we use PayPal for purchasing transactions. Your orders are shipped directly to you from Brookfield Maple Products in Westfield, PA.
Sweet Revolution Organic Caramels are also available at a number of retail stores. Please click on  retailers to find a store near you. 

Bulk quantities at discount price.
If you wish to purchase quantities of Sweet Revolution Caramels or Caramel Sauce for gifting or events (receptions/dinners, weddings, celebrations, birthdays, etc...) , please contact us at for information and event/gifting volume pricing (Bulk Order Discount) on quantities shipped to the same address.

For quantity orders sent to different addresses, please order through our on-line Candy Store.

Wholesale cutomers please contact us at

Q: Can I specify a date that I would like delivery?
 A: Yes, just put the date you would like delivery in the “Special Order Instructions” located on the 3rd screen of the order form. You will see it right below where you put your credit card information. We'll put it in our file to send out at that time – you will receive an email when the shipment goes out.
Q: How can I ship different items to different addresses?
 A: If you wish to order several items at the same time and if the items are to be shipped to different addresses, then you need to place separate orders for each item. Each completed transaction has only one shipping address.
Q: How will my Sweet Revolution caramels be shipped?
 A: Our caramels are made fresh-to-order from Friday through Tuesday, and are shipped Wednesday and Thursday. All packages are sent by United States Postal Service priority mail to ensure faster arrival and fresh caramels. Packages are shipped from Brookfield Maple Products in Westfield, Pennsylvania. Please email us if an expedited delivery is needed.
Q: How will I know when my order of Sweet Revolution Caramels has been shipped?
 A: You will get an email message from us stating that the package has been shipped, the tracking number and the date of expected delivery.
Q: Does Sweet Revolution ship internationally?
A: Yes, indeed, Sweet Revolution has a number of international customers. We have shipped to as far away as Tasmania, Australia, South Korea and Japan.