Deliciously addictive

The intense sweet and savory flavors and the buttery finish have created a frenzy amongst candy lovers all over the world. Even candy fans who don’t like caramels, love Sweet Revolution Caramels!

"I created Sweet Revolution Maple Honey Caramel because I have a sweet tooth and wanted to indulge my craving, making it without corn syrup or cane sugar, basic ingredients in traditional caramels. The original recipe I developed is based on ingredients you can find in your kitchen -- 2 simple natural sweeteners: Honey and Maple Syrup. I chose Brookfield Maple Products' maple syrup because of its unique flavor profile that added a rich complexity to our caramel and because it is certified organic.

Under the
oint Venture
, Brookfield Maple Products makes and distributes caramels from their candy kitchen and maple processing operation at 111 Plank Road, Westfield, Pennsylvania.  Sweet Revolution LLC oversees marketing at Queenstown, Maryland.


 “For Sweet Revolution achieving the highest quality and complex taste profile of our caramel is priority number one” says Anastasia Hagerstrom, adding, “this is why we chose Brookfield Maple Products maple syrup in the first place as our exclusive supplier in 2008 and this is why for us it was a natural progression to partner in this joint venture.” “We are combining the best that nature and Pennsylvania have to offer:  absolutely sinfully rich cream from Guernsey milk cows and maple syrup to make our best caramels yet!  The big winners in this joint venture will be caramel lovers!”

     Brookfield Maple Products is a family owned and operated farm business in the Northwest corner of Brookfield Township. Brookfield Maple Products started in 1996. In 2004, Brookfield Maple Products became “Certified Organic” through the NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC.  Brookfield Maple Products ( are sold retail, wholesale and bulk and include maple syrup, granulated maple sugar, maple cream and maple candy.  


Sweet Revolution is a registered trademark .

This Revolution is sweeeet and sumptuous!!!!

        No Corn Syrup or Cane Sugar!  Sweet Revolution’s Maple Honey Caramel is as unique and innovative as its name. Sweet Revolution salted caramel candy and caramel sauce is made without corn syrup or cane sugar. We use only superior quality pure ingredients including Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Heavy Cream, Honey, Butter, French Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, and Citric Acid. 
       Sweet Revolution Caramel is handmade in batches by Brookfield Maple Products, slow cooked to develop a complex caramelized flavor profile, distinct translucent deep amber color and smooth, chewy, creamy, buttery texture.  

Made with maple syrup. No corn syrup or cane sugar.


          Sweet Revolution uses only fresh superior quality ingredients giving our caramels their distinct flavor profile. The organic Maple Syrup used in making our caramels is made on-site, at the maple tree farm of Brookfield Maple Products, traveling only a few hundred feet from the trees to where it's boiled down to maple syrup, then carried only a few feet to the kitchen  where caramel is made. We make our own butter without additives, just fresh heavy whipping cream. We make our own vanilla flavoring using whole organic vanilla beans. And we use flavorful, hand harvested, 100% natural French Grey Sea Salt from Guerande, France.
           Our Caramels are rich and sumptuous! Each Sweet Revolution Caramel contains over 1 Tablespoon of Organic Maple Syrup. Our 8 ounce jars of Caramel Sauce are made with half a cup of organic Maple Syrup and half a cup of organic farm-fresh heavy whipping cream.


Sweet Revolution fresh made caramel candies are hand-cut in generous size 1 inch squares, or 1/2 inch for bites, individually topped and hand-wrapped in parchment paper.
    Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy has a shelf life of 12 weeks when kept cool and dry (55 to 68F). Do not refrigerate or freeze. Do not display or store in direct sunlight or near heat source. For peak flavor and texture, caramels are best enjoyed at room temperature.
  Caramel sauce, which has a shelf life of 5 months, may be kept in the refrigerator after opening

      Sweet Revolution’s  packaging is distinctly different: 100% Green, recyclable and compostable hand-stamped natural Kraft carton signature boxes are tied with decorative string and hand-sealed with tamper-proof hot sealing wax. Box strings are either all cotton or linen and are selected for their colour, texture and lustre. 

     Sweet Revolution uses J. Herbin premium all natural sealing wax. Sweet Revolution complementary Gift Cards original design keep sake gift cards are individually hand-printed with a hand-cut linoleum block on ‘Arturo’ fine Italian stationery 120 lb. natural cellulose buttercream color with corona felt finish.  
     Branding, design and packaging by Robert Riccetti (
     Sweet Revolution thanks Small Green Door for their photography ( )


Sweet Revolution Caramels and Caramel Sauce are certified USDA organic. We abide by rigorous, high standards and comprehensive guidelines, procedures, record keeping, reporting and inspection -- your assurance of the quality and integrity of our products. ( )


SWEET REVOLUTION® products are all freshly handmade in batches by Brookfield Maple Products at its Candy Kitchen located 111 Plank Road, Westfield, Pennsylvania 16950.  814-367-5284. Brookfield Maple Products is Certified Organic through the NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC.

111 Plank Road Westfield, PA 16950

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