Premium caramel made with pure organic maple syrup, heavy cream, honey, butter, French sea salt, vanilla bean...
No Corn Syrup or Sugar!!!

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For Valentine’s Day!

Handmade certified organic
Maple Honey Caramel topped with a Dark Chocolate Heart --

An original and delicious way to say ‘Be my Valentine’!
Signature gift box includes hand stamped Heart Card.

Sweet Revolution Caramels are made and distributed by Brookfield Maple Products, Westfield, PA 16950
Handcut and hand wrapped Organic Maple Honey Caramel Candy
Sweet Revolution Caramels featured in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine Best Finds section

"...Sweet Revolution Caramels are some of the tastiest we've tried."  Martha Stewart's LIVING, GREAT FINDS... more

"I gave one to a friend, his words: 'This is what caramels are suppose to taste like, I agree!',
SJ, New York, NY. ...

"Sweet Revolution Caramels ... One word AMAZING!" CIBO Sausalito, CA,


Sweet Revolution Caramels are Certified Organic
Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy packaging is green and compostable
Sweet Revolution Caramel Candy packaging is green and recyclable

Certified Organic through  NOFA-NY Certified LLC
Sweet Revolution's packaging is 100% GREEN.